The YP-151


The YP-151

In honor of the Captain who just sailed away on his last journey and my dad, who was a Navy officer in WWII, I wanted to post this photo. I found it while trying to search for my dad's Navy records.

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Dad always talked lovingly about his "ship", which the Navy had requisitioned to be used during the war. It was a converted tuna boat, used as a Coastal Patrol boat and used to bring supplies and soldiers from one island to another in the North Pacific Aleutian Islands. His was a unique experience in that he and the other officer were white and the crew was all black. Dad didn't say much about this, just talked about the different personalities of the men and how much fun they had. Dad was 20 years old and, when he went to the officer's club, had to have someone buy his drink for him!

I could find no record of the YP-151 in Navy documents or files, presumably because it was so small and not used too long. It was such a surprise to find this photo and see clearly documented that it had been originally named the "Sunrise" and was used in WWII under the name YP-151. I printed off a copy on photo paper immediately and took it to my dad. He pointed to various part of the ship, letting me know where his quarters were and where the men slept and where the galley was. I'm off to get a frame for the photo today.

I also wrote to the current owner to see what else we can find out and to see if they would like a photo of the ship from 1945. We'll see what happens. For now, it's just so cool to see my dad so excited!

dad on ship2

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Oh this is wonderful! My Dad would have loved to have me read this to him and show him the pictures. My Dad was also in the Navy during WWII. He was a weatherman on an aircraft carrier. It is amazing what our Dads did even at the young age of 19 or 20. Thank you for sharing this!


This is awesome, Goldie. Amazing to think of your dad's responsibility at his young age. And, what a great photo of your dad!\n\n