There's Always Something

Casandra Porter

There's Always Something

Casandra Porter
boxingI've learned that when I do not agree with a diagnosis to get a second opinion. I've learned to make the doctors who delivered that diagnosis to be their own second opinion and if it was based on the test then I make them retake the test.

In the last month I've had to do that twice with Marc. In October when he was in the hospital because of seizures they said they'd found an infection in his blood. Apparently, the same infection that was in his brain. It was a diagnosis that I was adamant about being wrong. I was devastated. I made them retake the test because I just knew it was a false positive. Luckily, I was right. Unnecessary medication avoided.

This time they're saying Marc has a parasite called Strongyloides Stercoralis. They claim to have found it from a fluid culture of his left frontal abscess.


I understand that Marc is a medical anomaly. I have to hear this every time they talk about him and every time I meet a new doctor being introduced to his case. I get to watch 20 medical students pile into his room most visits and stare at us like we're monkeys in a zoo. It's quite exhausting really. I get to explain his condition multiple times a day. But this, I did not agree with.

I made them recheck the sample and take another sample. It made no sense because he had a brain biopsy prior to this surgery and there was nothing but the infection that was found and they barely found traces of that. That was just in April. He hasn't left the house to do anything and this parasite is only found in third world countries and in really filthy surroundings and are usually found in sick pets and rural areas.

Ahh! Did I tell you the very angering story of our roommate situation? I believe I did. Filthy beyond belief.

I created a clean room in our master bedroom and only after his last hospital stay which was prompted by a seizure he had from being exposed to cat dander and other molds from moving the roommates couch from the living room to the garage. Is it possible he inhaled the parasite then or it entered through his skin and found its way into his brain? They never did a surgery on the last visit just took nasal cultures which tested positive for staph which is why he has the IV antibiotics.

I became furious. IF he has it... and that is a very strong IF because we are still waiting on the results from the second round of tests, then we know exactly where it came from.

It will prolong Marc's stay in the hospital, it will require that I get my own testing that I cannot afford because I have no medical insurance so that I can pay for his insurance, and it could possibly cause more harm than good to his recovery.

Regardless, I am exhausting all of my resources especially financially to get the house cleaned before Marc gets home and even still I will have more that needs to go into making the house safe once I get him home.

It's a never ending battle and it is exhausting beyond belief. My heart hurts for Marc that he has to keep going through all this, I am angry because the roommate and his mother acted very flippant when I brought this to their attention, and I'm disappointed in myself because I completely thought better than to put ourselves in this situation and I listened to what I felt were lies from the roommate and allowed others to talk me into making this move that I am now regretting.

I can't change what's been done but I can definitely find a way to correct it. There is always something that keeps getting in our way. I'm just trying to take each blessing as it is given to me. Right now Marc is alive and on his way to getting better and that is my biggest blessing.

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