They Told Me So


They Told Me So

stone-671_640am i emerging from under some rock

that seemed to hold me captive

deadened for so long under mounds of pain

catatonic paralyzed filled with horror

running away from what ly within

only to be chased down

until shattered like a shell under foot

a deep hole

pandora's box

no where left to run

desolate shaking disoriented

waves of uncertainty

remember:  be with the pain

just be with the pain

i can bear it

i can bear it

my God, i can bear it

i can live with it  i can live with it

getting to know me slowly

coming home to things i  once loved and felt i lost

am i just deluded

or is my life really beginning again


i'm awakening i think

i think i'm awakening

thank you thank you thank you

maybe i just will make it

yeah maybe i just may make it some how

they told me so they told me so........

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