Things That Need to be Said


Things That Need to be Said

Thank_you_pinned_noteThrough life we skim many souls: some echo on our own, others we reject, and still others we ignore.

Those which echo on our soul are those which leave a solid mark - either positive or negatively. And they arise under the most varied identities: they are those which we most need, those which most touch our existence, those which appear and stay for... Time.

It doesn't matter if it is we who search for them, out of necessity, or if they simply appear. What matters is that they stay during some or a lot of time, always ready.

That is how I describe three of my father's doctors who have been constant in his life and ours. I detach them from others on account of their humanism, their watch, and their spacious hearts: Dr. Luiz Cortez Pinto (psychiatry), Dr. Fernando Menezes (pulmonology) and Dr. João Calqueiro (cardiology).

The relationship between doctor and patient reaches its peak (I think) when the doctor doesn't need documents to remember his patient. When conversation is fluid and the patient (and family) feel at home (as to say), when the patient's family sees the attention, the solidarity, the genuine interest. When I - daughter - get the opportunity to ask all possible questions, with no hurries, with no fears, with impartial simplicity.

I was with my parents at a consultation with Dr. João Calqueiro this morning. A 40-minute consultation which only lacked tea and biscuits. And when Dr. Calqueiro saw my father in the hospital waiting room, on account of his fragility (being today one of those of great prostration), he put my father in front of other patients with less urgent situations.

These are things that need to be said. These are people which fill our hearts, which make us Believe, which make us want to remain on this tiny Planet, where time flies.

Thank you. The words just don't make up for it!

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Doctors like that are worth their weight in gold. I feel the same way about my partner's neurologist (and a couple of his colleagues), and I'm very thankful to have found him. He stands in stark contrast to some of the other doctors we've seen.


I think so too, Pegi. Always believed Granny was around... ;) Thank you!


Hi--When I read this, I thought: Thank goodness for being able to trust. It's wonderful that you trust those who oversee your father's care. It makes such a difference to be able to converse and share, especially when there can be so many questions about care. It's a horrible feeling to be rushed during an appointment and not have a chance to ask all the needed questions. \r\n\r\nI'm curious: How did you find these doctors?