lost-71167_640I know it's still in there because I'm not dragging it behind me. I didn't lose it.

The stress of the days makes me wonder what happened to my mind. It's in there but it's like it just stopped. Because I can't think.

I have thoughts. But I can't think.

During the stress of the day, I'd love a thought--a good one, a capable one, a freeing one.

But I can't think straight. I only think crooked, with thoughts that would like to arrest my life for being a thieving criminal.

My relief during these times when I just can't think is to merely feel. If I focus on how I'm feeling--angry, lost, overwhelmed, bitter--I can take care of my heart. When I can't think, it's because my heart needs my attention.

I care for my heart by letting the tears flow, by screaming into a pillow, by taking a walk, by acknowledging the pain, by writing in my journal, by talking it out with an empathetic listener.

When I've cared for my heart, I can think again. I can find my solution. My thoughts of hope return to me.

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Beautifully put and oh so true.