This Chat Is On Fire


This Chat Is On Fire

I love group chats. I make friends with people from all over America, Canada and even foreign countries. I never see them in person but, over time, they are as close to me as my "visible" friends.

I worked from home and participated in a chat of employees who helped each other with job questions, talked about family, vented, shared name it. I am still friends with a few of those women. But when I first started on the job chat I was intimidated. I could not seem to get a word in edgewise. I did not know those women. I had been invited to the chat. It was private and had to be a secret from our company. I was with the "in" crowd but I felt lonely. I am a talker. No, let me rephrase that, I have a black belt in talking. A couple of people drew me out by asking questions and before I knew it I was right in there with all those women chatting. There were days when four or five conversations were going.

It can be like that here at, especially if it is your first time chatting online. Maybe your thoughts speed and your typing speed are not the same. Maybe you are afraid you will not spell a word correctly or you are bashful. Guess what! Welcome to the club. We all post some strange words at times and when you make the first move you will have someone asking you questions and sharing a little about their day or their story.

Before you know it the technical part of chatting online will be over with and, like me, you will find yourself surrounded by friends who know what you are going through, listen with an open heart and no condemnation. You will be talking to one of your friends at home and using names from the chat and realize that your chat friends are as real and dear to you as your local friends. I cannot place a value on how the chat rooms on this site have helped me. Matter of fact, I felt that way in my work chat. And we can't see each other, we only know what you tell us about yourself and we are so excited to meet you.

C'mon! Jump in and before you know it you will find a chat that fits your situation and you will be just like the crazy cats in the video. At some point down the road you will be in one a chat with three or four conversations going on at the same time and you will stop, take a deep breath of satisfaction and love for your chat friends and your fingers will fly across the keys telling everyone you cannot wait until next time.

(Thanks to Lillie for forwarding me this video, below.)

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Lillie Fuller

It's kinda how I feel some nights. So good to have great conversation with those who understand and CARE!!


Y'all, this is kinda off the chain. I am watching the video I sent out on blog and laughing over and over in my room. That is one of the funniest things I have seen in a very long time.