*This* Is My Life

Kristin, who cares for her family friend, Mary, joined me this morning for Table Talk on Your Caregiving Journey. You can listen to our show via the player, below.

Kristin updated us on her caregiving situation, including the new agreement she now has with Mary's daughter. Kristin now sees her caregiving arrangement as a long-term commitment (versus just a two-year project) and now receives a monthly stipend for her care.

Kristin also talked about her perspective on her life. When she realized last winter that her arrangement with Mary was much more than a project, when she understood that her life was this life, she said she felt depressed. She then shared how she came to view this life, this life of caregiving with Mary, as a life that matters.

So, I wonder: When you think of your life, right now, do you see the positives? Do you struggle to see beyond the negatives? Please share your thoughts in our comments section, below.


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