This is Outrageous


This is Outrageous

So I finally contracted with Home Instead Senior Care to come in twice a week, three hours at a time -- Tuesdays and Thursdays. Did a meet and greet last Monday with the assigned caregiver so Mom wouldn't freak out when the woman came back the next day. First day appeared to go well, Mom in good mood when I got home and the house was not a wreck. First time I didn't have to clean for three hours after working all day.

Too good to be true. As usual.

I find out today that one Thursday Mom sent the caregiver home after an hour and a half. During the mere hour and a half Mom didn't allow the woman to clean, wash dishes or do anything she was supposed to do. Threw a fit when the water was turned on to do the lunch dishes for one example.

How did I find this out? I called today to see if there was supposed to have been some chore checklist left on Thursday. One had been left on Tuesday but I couldn't find anything Thursday and Mom said the woman had been here. So I figured Mom had just thrown it out. No. One wasn't completed because the work wasn't completed.

It gets better.

Today Mom sent the woman home after a half an hour.

Here's the outrageous part: No one called me. No one told me ANYTHING until I called. They weren't going to. They were going to try something else on Thursday this week first. NO. ONE. CALLED. ME. Oh, and they intended to bill me the full rate -- bill me for six hours when the woman was only here for a total of 2. They will adjust it "this time".  I was also promised that the owner would call me this afternoon to discuss what to try next.

It has been seven hours and NOTHING.

So been trying to do all the cleaning that the woman was supposed to do today and Mom is fighting me on that -- the floor doesn't need cleaned and showing her the cat hair and dirt swept up, dust mopped up and washed up makes no difference. Need to vacuum the cat hair off the furniture. No. She can't hear the TV if I do that and HEAVEN FORBID anything should interfere with the almighty TV!!!!! Never mind that she is out of her chair and into the other room every five minutes because she thinks her cat needs something. The cat is fine, snoozing on the bed.

Get help to come in everyone said, it will help you everyone said, tell her that this is for YOU everyone said... Yeah look how great THAT turned out.

Am back to square one, out $300 and counting and right this minute really do not care one damned bit if I am hurting her feelings by being upset. She's sitting in her chair on the other side of the room looking at me and trying to get my sympathy. Ain't happening.

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