This Week's Caregiving Comfort: Construct


This Week's Caregiving Comfort: Construct

road-sign-1280242_640You can feel like your life is under construction.

It all fell apart so you're trying to put it all back together.

And, that's not easy. You're building without much training and with equipment you've never used before. As you build on your instincts, you receive what others call "constructive feedback" and what you know to be simply criticism.

All that leads you to wonder, "Why bother? I'm not sure what I'm doing, others think I'm doing this wrong and I'm not sure I'll get this right."

The doubt will encourage to leave your life in limbo. If doubt wins and you let limbo live, you really lose. Dump that doubt in the closest pile of garbage.

Keep building, swapping out tools as often as necessary to find the right ones. Ask for suggestions on how to put it all back together from others who've built before you. Turn up the pounding when you need to tune out the naysayers. When exhaustion hits, rest as much as you need. When you find the right tool, share that knowledge with other builders. And, when you nail it (and you will), be sure to soak in your success.

Give yourself time to rebuild. You can and you will.

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Perfect. I have to exercise patience, which can be difficult. I remember my mother-in-laws voice saying, \"Rome wasn't built in a day\".


Thanks Denise....I like \"Under Constuction\"!\r\nIt allows for giving yourself a little grace while building & finding what works.