This Week's Caregiving Comfort: Point


This Week's Caregiving Comfort: Point

round-leaved-bellflower-1576086_640You can't help but think: What's the point?

What's the point to all this suffering? It's not only your caree who suffers because you suffer, too.

What's the point to all these challenges? It's not just the challenge within the health care system but it's also the challenges within your family. Your once-functioning family now seems just dysfunctional.

What's the point to all these losses? You watch your caree lose -- sometimes slowly and sometimes so fast it seems to happen when you blinked. You feel your losses -- to your career, your relationships, your goals, your life.

With so many questions and so few answers, it can feel like Fate pointed to you, pulled you out of the crowd and decided you should bear the suffering, challenges and losses.

That's definitely how it feels.

I can point to something else, though. I can point to your tenacity, to your sense of humor, to your life of purpose. In a crowd, I'll point to you and then join you. It's someone like you who makes the best companion during this journey called life.

You are the point. You are the possibility. You are the difference.

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I need to roll up in a blanket and consider this for 5 minutes! Thanks!


Thanks for the post, some days all I can see is the never ending challenges and how they don't seem to get any better. You are very right, we suffer along with the person we care for. I sometimes feel I can't seem to get anything accomplished and then I see this post.


The value in our strengths...great point, Thanks!


Thanks for this, Denise. It helps us change focus from the losses to what we still have, to what our strengths are.