Three People You Meet in the Waiting Room


Three People You Meet in the Waiting Room

fearThe lovely and the loathsome are all there.

Waiting rooms. After a cool entrance and sneaky survey of the crowd, you proceed to the desk. Somewhere between completing paperwork and hearing your name called, you learn something about the people around you. While you may have encountered many types, these three are likely encounters:

The kind soul. Ahhh. Even if you or your loved one don’t feel like talking, the kind soul allows you to relax. Sensitive not to ask too much or talk too much, this person radiates good energy. Their smile puts you at ease. Their compassion steers clear of pity. And their encouraging words nudge you into a surprisingly appreciative mode. Prescription? Enjoy. Be thankful.

The over sharer. It usually begins with a question, but quickly turns into a hostage situation! You find yourself nodding on the outside, but crying on the inside as your mind races through options to make it stop. It’s the old bait and switch. How are you becomes how I am…in unnecessary and unsolicited detail. Enduring tales of bunions, horrible reactions, and distant cousins, you pray for your name to be called. But, at least they’re somewhat friendly. Prescription? Be kind. Send them well wishes. And pray for your name to be called!

The miserable mope. You will identify them easily by their tone…whiney and loud. It is as if their conversation (even if among their own party) is intended for the entire waiting room. As they talk, they will inevitably complain and make observations on all things inappropriate and in ignorant detail. Prescription? Move! Or, make notes on what you’re hearing just for the fun of it.

While you may encounter these three, you are probably more likely to encounter people who are quiet and don’t want to be there any more than you do.

But which person are you in the waiting room? Even though less than ideal circumstances have landed you in the waiting room, consider how you can radiate good energy.

Worth Repeating

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?
-Jean Jacques Rousseau

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