watch-164873_640You may have a day during which you think, "I have nothing to give to make this situation better. I don't have the money, the skills, the connections, the energy to make any of this better."

Any any of this means your caree's health and your hope. They both seem to decline at the same steady, parallel rate.

And, yet, you give something every day that is more valuable than any connection, any skill, any dollar bill.

You give your time. Every day, you spend time with your caree. Every day, you spend time doing all you can with what you have.

Because of your gift of time, your caree has company, especially during those times that can be so scary and overwhelming. Because of your gift of time, your caree knows he is remembered. Because of your gift of time, your caree receives the best care possible.

Time is so precious and yet often simply squandered. But you know the priceless gift of time. Because you give time, you make the situation better. Because you give time, you receive hope.

Some day, you will be so grateful for the memories of your time well spent. And, you'll feel so blessed when you watch others try to do the impossible -- catch those moments in time already gone. They'll try to catch what you already got.

Because you use time well, you will have time for all you what you want to accomplish. Because you serve time, time will serve you.

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This is just beautiful. Thanks.


Sorry I have been so busy with work and have also become a board member of my HOA. I do however still make time for my Mom. I spent 3 hours of cell phone training with her on Sunday. So much fun! She told me she wanted a cell phone so I got her a very simple one. She has never had one but she is getting the hang of it and it gives her more of a feeling of connection. Hubby and I had the flu around the holidays and I did not get to see her for 2 weeks. Really missed spending time with her but so grateful that she never got the flu.

Lillie Fuller

Love this, thank you! And what I like to say, I have more TIME than MONEY! Therefore my time is more valuable!