Time Keeps on Stepping Stepping Stepping Stepping


Time Keeps on Stepping Stepping Stepping Stepping


Buying TimeI have been thinking a lot about time recently. I read that the average survival time for a person with vascular dementia is three years. My husband developed it after suffering a stroke three years, five months ago. My accountant (my son) just told me that at the rate I am going, I will have spent all my husband's and my savings in ten years. Then Denise wrote, "Buy" in Weekly Comforts, about buying time and patience, which got me thinking about songs about time. With all that I was inspired to write the following poem.

This picture entitled "TIME" was painted by my son, David, years ago. I feel it works with this poem.


If I could buy time in a bottle,

I'd pour us both a full glass.

We'd drink and we'd drink

And we'd never think

About how much had actually passed.


If I could buy time in a basket,

For a picnic one fine summer's day,

We'd eat it like sandwiches,

Ice cream and fruit

Until we just faded away.


If I could buy time in glass bottles,

In a big shopping bag from the store,

We'd spend time just sipping time

As though it were red wine

Until we wanted no more.

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<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/michelle/' rel=\"nofollow\">@michelle</a>, I love your poem. It would be so nice to buy time... \r\nMy MIL had vascular dementia. She for certainly didn't fall into that average time frame. I often wondered how long we could last financially...


Another beautiful poem, Michelle. And, I love that your son's art fits right into yours.


This would be lovely song lyrics! So beautiful, Michelle! Thank you.