nightcap_rainforestAs much as we do here on the farm I often feel just exhausted and overwhelmed with life.

I know I am the only person that can control this, but some how this madness keeps me sane. For example today our schedule is slammed back to back again! But this totally works for me. I might be tired. Heck, I might complain but I wouldn't give up this farm and everything it stands for for the life of me.

Here is a little look at today's schedule that's planned:

6:00 CJ wakes up, coffee for mom, morning meds and feeding animals making breakfast

7:00 A friend is coming to do some art work

11:30 we leave for woodland

2:00 we get back from woodland to get Jen

2-5:30 spend with jen, go fishing, set up nursery talk about baby names ect

5:30-7 driving to woodland( meds)

7-8:30 getting home eating dinner and heading to bed for the rest of the family

8:30-10 hubby and my time then off to bed for a new adventure

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