warning_pn.svg*ALERT* BE ADVISED*

This will be WAY TMI unless you are a caregiver or have interest
in caregiving and desire to learn more.

Don't say I didn't give
you fair warning.

You can turn back now and nobody will feel harshly towards you about it.

Last chance!

Ok, I warned you,


Lewy Body comes with a constipation issue. Even though we have tried numerous relieving techniques the fact remains I can't force my loved one to take them on a daily basis and I won't change his diet to the extreme which will make him frustrated and angry more than he already is. Thus I supply him his desire for whatever he wants, specifically candy and the consequences that come with it.


We both learned a hard lesson on impaction.

We finally dug around until a solution was found and it all worked out in the end.

We'll know better next time, I hope.

Nuff said.

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