I wrote this in November 2016 and decided I wanted to share it with y'all!
Today I took my husband to the doctor. Today I went to the grocery store. Today I went to the pharmacy. Today I learned of illness and misfortune in the lives of a fair sampling of the people I know and trust. Today my dear friend knows her brother in Washington state is dying. Today my friend's brother may well die. Today I formed an opinion about life and forgot that opinion along with a number of other excursions down the rabbit hole. Today I made an effort to refrain from analyzing myself. Today I judged a number of people. Today I wanted to get high. Today I turned to another radio channel to wipe away the thought of "I want to get high." Today I experienced vulnerability. Today I sought and I found, I called out and I received an answer. Today I made the daily commitment to follow Christ. Today I read scripture. Today I made the daily commitment to stay sober. Today I made a conscious decision to love my husband unconditionally. Today I chose to let God love me unconditionally. Today I chose not to fear. Today I stood at the edge of the gaping maw of the abyss. Today I walked away from the abyss. Today I sang beautifully for several seconds in a row.

Today I chose to live in such a manner that I could be reasonably sure to wake up at peace tomorrow.

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Your words are very real, genuine and moving. Thank you Lark


Thanks for reminding me how living life in the moment is so very full! So many choices every single moment. So much to do if you stay alert.


Today I read your entry and was deeply touched. I I'm glad you made the decision to share it.