Today Is a Great Day


Today Is a Great Day

Hello All! I finally was able to chat with Denise just a little while ago. The chat room doesn't work well for me for some reason. I will have to figure it out. I think when I have problems with my computer, it could be because someone else in the family is on the Internet also, or it is weather related. Anyway, I will try another time.

My mother-in-law was in pain this morning and having trouble swallowing, so my husband gave her a pain pill and it targeted the pain because she is sleeping like a baby now. She only eats about four or five bites of food anymore and does not want any more. I figured out how to get her to take her Boost or Ensure, even though hers is chocolate flavored. She loves chocolate. I mix it in with ice cream and put it in freezer for a little while, then I serve about a cup to her. She loves it. That helps if she doesn't get much to eat. Her NA was here to bathe her and she sleeps like a baby afterward anyway.

I have two more words to write about in the Community Caregiving Journal and that is Flake and Build. I wrote a little poem about Loud. I don't write poetry that often, just now and then. I like to draw which I haven't done in a while and I like to do crafts such as crocheting, and beading and other things. Not anything too difficult. I am in for easy stuff. I used to like to bake, not much anymore. I think I liked to bake when my children were little. Now they are all grown up and off into a world all their own.

Flake is a word to think about for sure. Bits of falling snow, or something from the surface of anything, a flattened loose piece, snowflakes, paint flakes, soap flakes. What can you really say about Flake? Some people can write poetry about it and make it sound so good. I do know that they are never the same size or shape. They are always different for sure. Maybe something beautiful. However you want to look at it. Maybe I can write a poem about it later. I have to think about it.

Build is another word worth thinking about--to make something, to construct something, or to create something. It could be anything for sure. More thought has to go into this word. I thought I had my very own explanation, but I drew a blank. I will get back to you on this. I do know when I bead jewelry, I create a thing of beauty in my own way. I make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I build on them as I create my own design. I can say that much on build. Building relationships takes a lot of work which is not a useless effort. Especially when it comes to Friendships. A good word to think on. Poem later on.

I want to share two ideas about a couple things we found that is helpful. If you have someone at home in a hospital bed this idea will be helpful. Our NA noticed when she came to bathe Mom that she keeps hitting her hands on the railings of the bed and mentioned that we lookfor the swim noodles that the kids use to swim with. My husband and Dad went to find some and came back with what was found in the back room of Wal-Mart because it's still winter. They usually bring them out at beginning of summer. They purchased four which didn't cost much at all.

My husband sized them up to the bars and slit them to slide right on the bars. Mom no longer has any problems bumping herself up and getting hurt.

Idea number two: She loves to have a cup of coffee and juice or water to drink beside her. The thing is, she holds onto the cup and falls to sleep, and she spills her drinks. My husband said he will go and get the sippee cups that the toddlers use. Sure enough, the ones which have a little sipper to drink from does not leak. She has to suck on it to get her drink, but she likes them too. Whatever works. Here's the pictures to share with you about these items. I hope this helps others as well.


Today has been pretty great after all. Father-in-law is getting sick, so he keeps his distance from us all. That is why he has been so mean lately. He gets mean and hateful when he gets sick. He's a diabetic, and he worries about his wife, I'm sure. I just put the whole household in my prayers morning and night and it really does help. That's it for me. I must go check in with my Facebook family and friends now.

Thank you. I appreciate this group. You make me feel good about myself. Thanks Denise for creating this group years ago. :)

Everyone have a wonderful day!

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Thanks, JoAnn, for your forthright comments_mysql and helpful suggestions. You are treading the path I will most likely be going down soon so I am paying extra-close attention to all your golden nuggets of wisdom. Hope today is another great day for you.

Lillie Fuller

Those are great ideas JoAnn!! Thank you! My mom also has a rail on her bed that she gets bruises from, I will have to go get some noodles!! Thank you so much. Great blog!!


Hi JoAnn--I LOVE these tips and photos you share. It's so helpful to have tips like these especially because they are easy and inexpensive.\r\n\r\nWhen I think of \"flake\", I think of I hate to when I'm flakey--forgetful, absent-minded, overwhelmed. :)\r\n\r\nWe have other members who like to create. Feel free to share photos of your creations in our \"Caregivers Create\" forum:\r\n\r\nI'm so glad you are here with us. These caregiving days can be such tough days--I hope it helps to know we have your back.\r\n\r\nI hope it's going okay today. Thanks for keeping us posted.