Today: Save 20% in Our Store


Today: Save 20% in Our Store

SaveWe have wonderful products that offer support, comfort and answers to you in your caregiving role. I believe our products are a must-have for all family caregivers.

I also know that the budget is tight during caregiving.

So, today, our products--books, eBooks, MP3s, coaching and our t-shirt--are on sale. You'll save 20% when you use coupon code SAVE. You can purchase by shopping online in our store or by calling me at (800) 394-5334.

Our products also make a great gift for other family caregivers you know. Why not purchase a book or t-shirt for a support group member or friend?

And, when you buy our products, you also invest in Your purchases ensure continues.

Here's what you'll save on today:

1. 20% Off Coaching with Me
Purchase a coaching call with me today and then schedule your calls at your convenience, including on weeknights and weekends. You can use your coaching calls to resolve a worry or develop a solution. We also can work to:

---Create coping strategies to use on your bad days;
---Develop communication skills to use with difficult family members;
---Find more time in your day to invest in your needs and interests;
---Gain a healthy perspective on a challenging issue.

You can purchase as many sessions as you'd like and save. After purchasing your session, I'll contact you to schedule our coaching call. Purchase a coaching session here.

2. Save 20% on Books
Save 20% on on any (or all!) of my books, including The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey; Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers; and Take Comfort, Too, More Reflections of Hope. "I love your books," a family caregiver says.

The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey, now in its sixth edition, walks you through the caregiving experience, offering you support and comfort throughout the experience. The book offers what no other book does--a road map to make it through the entire experience of caregiving. "It is a masterpiece," a reader said, "and I’ve recommended it for other hard-pressed caregivers and those who are about to become ‘and dread it’. I tell them if they are armed with the knowledge and know-how from this book, they will be enabled to handle it.”

The Take Comfort books feel like an understanding hug. After reading the book, one reader found the courage to make a decision she had been dreading--but knew needed to be made. Another reader says of Take Comfort, Too, “I absolutely love it. I read one page a day. It feels as if Denise knows just what I am thinking.” A reader of Take Comfort, says, ““Thank you for my comforts ~ they are inspirational and always put a smile on my face!”

You can purchase our books, including The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey, Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers, and Take Comfort, Too, More Reflections of Hope, as print books or eBooks (available for immediate download).

3. Save 20% on MP3s
During caregiving, you can feel like you just can’t get enough comfort. With Take Comfort, the MP3, and Take Comfort, Too, the MP3, you bring my words of comfort with you–wherever and whenever you need them. The MP3s feature my voice reading Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers, and Take Comfort, Too, More Reflections of Hope to you.

“Oh, Denise, I love the MP3s. I listen to them every day. Thank you so much,” a family caregiver says.

Listen to the MP3s in the car, at the doctor’s office, to start your day and to end your day. Buy yours and download them immediately here.

4. Save 20% on Caregiving Presentation Programs
As you know, I regularly give workshops and webinars to family caregivers. These workshops create an experience for family caregivers---an experience that allows for insights, answers and understanding. And, along the way, family caregivers learned compassion for themselves. You can create this same experience for the family caregivers in your community. My workshops and webinars are now available for sale so you can bring and present these workshops to your community. The presentations are great for use in support groups, Lunch and Learns at your local employers and caregiving conferences. You can purchase the presentation programs here.

5. Save 20% on Volume Orders
Our books make a wonderful addition to your support groups, workshops and conferences. The books are also a wonderful resource to give to your employees who are family caregivers. You save 20% on volume orders of our books by buying here.

To save 20% on all products and services, shop in  our store or call me at (800) 394-5334. Be sure to use coupon code SAVE.

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Thanks so much to everyone who made a purchase!! :)


Thanx for the sale, Denise! I snagged a couple of great ebooks.


Thank you so much for your orders and your kind words. :)