Toenail Care and Maintenance


Toenail Care and Maintenance

I was doing research on removing toenails and found that they do grow back so what is the point? That is what the podiatrist is offering for mom for her ingrown toenails, with a two-week recovery afterwards, I learned in my research.  

Then I spent a long time watching YouTube videos by the Meticulous Manicurist on pedicures, and how she does them, cures ingrown toenails in the process, and does miraculous work on the elderly with all their grotesque toenail issues.

One was called Pincer Toenails, which is what mom has. They curl around and hook back into the toe, and, when not kept trimmed, become painful. Shoes don't matter in this case. Her shoes are plenty wide enough, her A width foot in B width boots.

That convinced me that I've been doing the right thing with my own toes all these years, that surgery (as in for Marilyn) is not the answer, and I called Electric Beach and scheduled mom for an appointment Friday at 1:30. I will be watching them work, and if they do it right, should fix mom's toes so that she will be free of pain again.

It amazed me that Meticulous Manicurist would soak the feet, then drop the cuticle remover on each toe as she worked on them, used the cuticle pusher, then trims the nail back, using for a guide the line you see on the toenail where it meets the skin of the nail bed and changes color. It's never a straight line, by the way.

She trims around each side into each front corner, and uses the tool to work the dead skin out from underneath, starting on the sides of the toe and working the tool down and around the toenail to front center. As she worked, the dead skin became obvious, often in big chunks, sometimes mixed with sock or other fibers. Sometimes she would use the nippers and actually tug on the dead skin until it gave way.

She never caused pain or bleeding, because the soaking and cuticle remover made it possible to pull the dead from live skin. It is the dead skin buildup that causes the ingrown toenail problem and pain.

With the elderly, there is often the case where the nails look more like pieces of petrified wood and she would dig out the material from underneath, leaving a hollowed out cavity. Sometimes she filed them down from the top, too. The elderly often have feet that have been neglected for a very long time and develop fungus of the nails, too. I am convinced that regular pedicures, about every 6 weeks, can make a huge improvement in their foot and toenail health.

I would add before and after photos here I took from her videos if I could figure out how to do that.

The old adage that you have to cut the nails square is bunk. One of her videos is on a man's feet and it's the same, man or woman, how you cut the nails. I then ordered one set of steel manicure tools and a bottle of cuticle remover on Amazon and two ingrown toenail specialty tools from her website for using on my toenails.

When I think of all these years I've been working on my own toenails, and how I've just been winging it, sometimes causing myself pain and sometimes bleeding, now I know unnecessarily, I am thrilled to have found her videos and saw how it needs to be done. I have done mom's nails, but never without pain and at least once has become an infection that I then had to clear up with constant soakings. Uhg!

I'm sure I could do it myself now, but why not pay the gals at the salon and give them some work. We stopped doing perms and this can take the place in supporting the local economy.

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I have seen those videos. A friend was having difficulty with the toenails of her patient and I directed her to those videos. She agreed, they were helpful. I used to trim my husband's nails. Soaking always helped, or right after bathing. I found her videos after my husband passed away, but was encouraged that I had been able to do for him pretty much what she was showing. \nNot a \"pretty\" topic but something people need to pay attention to prevent other related problems.\nThanks for posting this information.


Thanks for the useful information,Dancer.