Watch: Story-Telling Thursdays


Watch: Story-Telling Thursdays

Microphone.svg.medTonight, we debut Story-Telling Thursdays, which takes place at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT, 5 p.m. PT). To listen to our story-tellers, just come back to this page tonight.

Join us tonight for three stories, each lasting seven minutes. Tonight, our story-tellers are:




Would you like to be a story-teller? Our next  Story Telling Hour takes place on July 11 (we've adjusted for the Fourth of July holiday). Here's how it works:

1. We'll use Google Hangouts for our Story-Telling Thursdays. To participate, you'll need a webcam. You also must be caring for a family member or friend.

2. Story tellers will have seven minutes to tell a story about themselves. The story can be about caregiving. Or not. It just has to be about you. A good story has a beginning, middle and end. The best element of a good story is vulnerability.

3. We'll share three stories on the first Thursday of every month for a show that airs at 8 pm ET (7 pm CT, 5 pm PT). The event will air live and will be recorded. To participate, you must be available for about one hour, beginning 30 minutes before our show airs and then until the show ends.

4. Story tellers can read their stories or refer to notes. The story must be prepared and must be told within the allotted seven minutes.

5. Some questions to ask yourself as you consider whether or not to be a story teller:

  • Am I ready to tell this story?

  • Do I understand my story?

  • Is this venue (a virtual one) the best audience to tell my story?

  • Do I understand what I want by telling my story?

  • Do I understand what my story means?

You don't have to have the answers to all these questions but they help you think through your story and your readiness to tell it.

6. To sign up for our next Story-Telling Hour (Thursday, July 11, at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, 5 pm PT), just complete and submit the form below. We'll choose three for our first show and schedule others for our next show (Thursday, August 1).
Fill out my online form.

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Ohhh... We tried so hard last night! We actually went through the show, I realized a glitch at the end and then heard from viewers it wasn't working. I regrouped the story-tellers and we tried a few more times before I finally decided to search for help. That's when I figured out Google Hangouts was down. Ugh. Ugh. \r\n\r\nSo... we'll see you next Thursday. !!