Tell Us: What Left You Speechless?


Tell Us: What Left You Speechless?

smiley_speechlessLast night Your Caregiving Journey, we shares stories of about situations that left us speechless. You can listen to our show via the player, below.

An arrogant nurse left @Trish speechless. An unshoveled driveway still causes my mouth to go dry. And, for @jbones1961, a comment from a friend of Nicole's still causes steam out of the ears.

What's left you speechless? It could be a comment, an action or a lack of action from a family member, friend or health care professional. Share yors in our comments section, below.

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Chris MacLellan

There are so many Father Orlando stories that have left me speechless...Here are two:\r\n\r\nAt the Adult Day Care Center: (which was free) He got angry at one of the CNA's and told her she was fired! (The staff and I laughed about that, as did the CNA)\r\n\r\nDuring one of his hospital stays: the nurse came into his room to install a which he said...\"Thank Goodness, One less thing to worry about!\"


BlogtalkRadio left me speechless last night -- I couldn't hear anyone else's speeches! ;-) I'm very glad for the replay.\r\n\r\nI think for me, the winner came at a time when my partner was being very combative to the point of scaring me. I met with a sheriff's deputy, who pooh-poohed all of my concerns, from the hoarding to the outbursts, to threats made by one of my partner's therapists. His whole attitude left me speechless, but when I told him that my partner was difficult on long drives to specialists (including turning the wiper fluid on and unbuckling her seat belt to squirm while I was driving down the highway, unable to pull over), he offered this gem: \"Just put her in the back seat and keep her distracted.\"