Tonight: What's Your Caregiving Rule?


Tonight: What's Your Caregiving Rule?

Radio.svgLast night, during our new member chat, @the-unit-known-as-shandi instigated a rule about caregiving: Only one family member at a time can need care.

Which led to other members adding their rules:

-- @ejourneys: "That family dynamics allow for family involvement."
-- @peggikaye: "That if I say I'm okay, then I'm to be believed (emotionally) and if I say I'm hurting, scared, worried etc, not to be placated. I guess emotions respected."
-- @the-unit-known-as-shandi added another rule: "That we spend as much effort taking care of ourselves as those around us. Or, at least, as much effort as is necessary to stay healthy!"

So, tonight on Your Caregiving Journey, we're taking your calls about your rules. If you could put rules around caregiving, what would they be? Call us at (646) 652-4944 at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT, 5 p.m. PT). And, be sure to listen and join the show's chat room here.

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I missed it again! I swear my mind thinks I am on Eastern Time!