Too Good to Be True


Too Good to Be True

Mom ate well Saturday, Sunday and Monday (last night) ... Not tonight.

Tonight was just like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. She put too much in her mouth (I assume) and spit it all out all over the place. Ended up throwing up mucus and ick all over. Took her lower dentures out - FILTHY!! I have no idea how to clean them properly. I tried brushing them but it seemed to get worse. Will have to go to the store and ask the pharmacist what to get. I mentioned that we need to soak them, she snatched them back and stuffed them back into her mouth.

I was able to wash her face, also filthy. She has been insisting that she washes, but she doesn't. Tried to get her to blow her nose but apparently she has no idea how tonight.

Almost two hours later and she's saying she doesn't want to try to eat anything else. Give it another hour and she'll be into the pastry.


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You've got the front seat on this roller coaster! Wow.


Please know you are managing so much and so much so well!\r\n\r\nI can't believe how much you've done in the past week. You must be exhausted! Every day is different which is why every day can be hard except when you have those easy days. But you never know what's coming which makes it stressful.\r\n\r\nKeep writing! I'm so grateful you keep us posted.