Toothpaste and Peanut Butter: Giving It Your All


Toothpaste and Peanut Butter: Giving It Your All

tube-547398_960_720Toothpaste tubes, soap bars, and condiment jars. What do they all have in common? We almost never get all of the product out of the container. Toothpaste tubes and peanut butter jars are the worst offenders. When the packaging keeps me from using all of product I paid for it becomes a personal challenge to get every last drop leaving behind only the empty container. My kids always run out of toothpaste but with a few targeted squeezes I am able to find a few more days worth of toothpaste in the container. With a sense of pride I hand back the freshly squeezed tube and move on the save the rest of the world from restrictive packaging.

When my kids get a cold I want to do everything I can to make them better, even though I know there isn’t much I can do besides wait and let their body heal themselves. Runs to the store for crackers and Gatorade, up in the middle of the night when someone hurts, and making sure they get the right medications on time. All of this can take a toll on me as a parent, it can be draining and exhausting. Fortunately colds only last a week.

When you live with someone who is chronically sick you may be tempted to give it everything you have either because you want to do the best job you can do or you feel no one can do as good a job as you. Either way you may end up giving everything you have while leaving nothing for yourself. You may also get pulled in many directions and have others squeeze every last drop out of you leaving behind an empty container.

The few pennies I saved from squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube probably weren’t worth the effort. Peanut butter jars are even worse. You can see so much left on the sides but it takes a rubber spatula to scrape off all the sides and bottom of the jar just to make one more sandwich. And that last bit of peanut butter is never as smooth and creamy as opening a new jar. Plus you have to expend exorbitant amounts of effort cleaning the peanut butter off of the spatula -- getting the last bit of peanut butter is definitely not worth the effort.

When you are faced with the tough situation of giving everything you have (or having it all squeezed out of you), make sure to leave some behind for yourself. The extra effort it takes to give everything you have probably isn’t worth the rewards, and much like the peanut butter, the last dried out part is never as good as the first freshest part.

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Great post, great insights. Thank you for this fresh approach to a problem we all live with.


I can relate to trying to get out those last bits! Love your analogy; well said.