Top Ten Good News


Top Ten Good News

Well, the really good news is I'm almost caught up on this blog to what is happening now. Thank you all for your patience as many of you have read through this chapter by chapter. It has meant a lot to me to be able to put this together and see it more as a whole than so many, many crises, frustrations, and disappointments. This is my intermission and break to remember some of the amazing, wonderful things that have happened in these past years since I began caring for my parents.
In no particular order...

1. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Because of this, I am home and have time to care for my parents and grandchildren. I've also been able to meet people I wouldn't have known otherwise and do things I would never have been able to do.

2. I found out I had an older brother who became my cousin and a cousin who almost became my younger brother. They both have the same first and middle names.

3. I was able to audit a few classes at our local university free because we have a senior auditing program. I became friends with the program director and one of the professors.

4. My husband and I started ENJOYING being retired together.

5. I traveled to Washington, D.C., as a reviewer for PCORI--Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. (Three days in all, but my first time in D.C.)

6. I have spent time with friends and heard so many stories.

7. More time with grandchildren: I love watching my husband being Grampa.

8. I've downsized my stuff and my doing. Gave up a lot of my craft work and am concentrating just on knitting for our grandchildren and a few other fun projects.

9. I've become very close to my dad. He teaches me to laugh.

10. I'm square dancing one evening a week. When you square dance, you literally cannot think of anything except what you are doing. It's a physical and mental workout--and it's a lot of fun.

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What a fantastic list, Goldie!! You good news sounds great to me. :)


<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@terri</a>, inspiring that you can find the good in your Parkinson's diagnosis. It's not easy but I try to do that with my husband's pancreatic cancer diagnosis. I love that you're doing square dancing! The mere thought of having to keep up with the caller's instructions intimidates this bona fide klutz. I don't think I'd be able to duck for the oyster and dig for the clam! :)