Totally Off Guard


Totally Off Guard

ocean_waves-wallpaper-1680x1050-hiI was going through my email a few days ago as I was watching TV with P. He sensed my mood changed and asked if I was OK. He doesn't even have to be looking at me and he senses my moods. It is so wonderful to have a mate who is so connected and responsive.

His query was all it took and tears just started rolling down my face. In my email was an advertisement for Mother's Day specials. I know I had seen other Mother's Days specials in the previous week, but for some reason that day--like a tidal wave it hit me--that my mom is gone. Then I noticed the date. It was exactly 11 months since her death. P's tears began to flow also. It will be the first mother's day without our moms.

The tears are less frequent. The memories more often positive of days when they were both healthy and vibrant.

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I am so glad you have P, who understands and empathizes. \r\n\r\nAnd, you have the tears, too, which heal. And, you have the memories, which comfort.\r\n\r\nI'm so glad you share these moments because they help us all when we have ours.


It is a great thing to have a sympathetic companion on the journey, who you don't have to explain things to. Thinking of you today.

Lillie Fuller

I'm sorry for your losses. I'm sure you will find something beautiful to do on that day to honor your moms!