Tough Decisions


Tough Decisions

water-245376_640I haven't written lately for many reasons. I'm currently caring for my grandma.

I'm in a position that is both familiar and completely different. My grandma has dementia, is mobile with help of a walker and help from someone walking next to her. She needs help with almost everything. That is my current situation.

What I haven't told many people is that I've chosen not to care for my grandma anymore. As you can imagine the decision didn't come easy. It came after some very difficult days, sleepless nights and many tears. This transition will take time as we are trying to find a situation that is best for everyone.

I'd like to thank Denise and the other ladies in the chat room for supporting me and my decision and encouraging me to write about it. Thank you for reading.

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I can't even express the amount of support and encouragement I get from all of your comments_mysql. Thank you so much. I know I can do this with all of you in my corner!


I know you are doing the absolute right thing. It took all 6 of us adults to handle SIL at home and it was brutal. You are doing the best thing for HER not for you. It's all about saftey and I'm proud of you for making this difficult choice. She needs this. You will still be there for her, just in a safer environment that she now requires. Shows how much you love her by making the right choice at the right time. Bless you


Oh Yolanda, I can totally understand how heart-wrenching the decision is because you have a heart of gold! Your caregiving days continue and your love for your Grandmother will still be felt in a different situation. Each of us has a different path for different reasons, our motives are the same, love, respect and safety for our caree! ((HUGS))


Hi Yolanda--I think sometimes we can be our own harshest critic and judge. We think we should, we wonder why we can't and we talk ourselves into believing we have failed. And, that's simply not true at all.\r\n\r\nPlease know that you are courageous and wise. It's soooo tough to make the decision you did--it takes a huge leap of faith and that takes courage. You're making a decision that ensures you and your grandmother have what you need. That's huge.\r\n\r\nPlease continue to keep us posted as you work through the next steps.\r\n\r\nAnd, I'm so glad you blogged!!


You are a loving granddaughter who has done -- and continues to do -- her very best for her beloved grandmother. No one could ask for anything more.

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