#trackstress on Oct. 16: What's Caregiving Stress Like for You?


#trackstress on Oct. 16: What's Caregiving Stress Like for You?

sunlight-933001_640Join me for a special chat on Twitter on Friday, October 16, at 1 p.m. ET (Noon CT, 10 a.m. PT). During our hour-long chat, we’ll talk about our stress and its impact on our days and our lives. During our chat, we hope to raise awareness of our petition asking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to track family caregiver stress and its source.

To join our chat, go to tweetchat.com, log into your Twitter account and follow our hashtag: #trackstress. You also can tag the CDC on your tweets during our chat; use @cdcgov and and @DrFriedenCDC, the Twitter account for Dr. Tom Frieden, Executive Director, CDC.

These questions will guide our discussion:

  1. What caregiving stress have you felt today?

  2. What's your greatest source of your caregiving stress? Money? No break? Lack of help? Too much to do?

  3. When was the most stressful time for you as you care for a family member?

  4. What does caregiving stress feel like?

  5. How does caregiving stress differ than other stress you've experienced in your life?

  6. When (if ever) has a health care professional asked about your caregiving stress?

  7. What's it like to navigate the health care system?

  8. What solution would help minimize your caregiving stress?

I may modify and add questions during our discussion based on your insights and answers.

See you on Friday!

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