Trading Places


Trading Places

Smiley_green_alien_sick.svg.medI have been married for almost 11 years and during that time I have been my husband's caregiver since the get go. We have figured things out and seem to have come in to a routine of care. We are in sync.... Well, we were in sync until October of last year. That's when my body decided that I needed to be sick and I went from being the caregiver to being the caree.

I have to say that this role change was not easy on us at all. The first week of December was probably the worst as my gall bladder was completely on strike and my body was worn out. I ended up at the ER twice in one week and I felt terrible in more ways than one. This was the first time that Mike had to step up and take on the caregiving role and he was overwhelmed and lost. The second time he brought me to the ER broke my heart. "This just doesn't feel right, I'm usually the one that has to go in," he said. He looked scared. I guess I'm so used to caring for him that I forgot what it felt like the first time I had to take him to the ER.

I finally had surgery to remove my gall bladder three weeks ago and once again was the caree. I have to admit, I make a horrible patient/caree. Through out these three weeks, Mike has been there to help take care of me and I think that this trade in places has been good for us. I have realized that you give up an awful lot of independence and Mike has realized that caregiving is not an easy job.

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Hi Chris, \r\nI'm so glad you have ridded yourself of that nasty old gall bladder and you are on your way back to your healthy, strong self.


I am sooooo glad you feel better. I have missed you!! :)


I feel fantastic since the gall bladder left. Still getting my energy back, but I will take it over the alternative.


Chris, Thanks for sharing, I was wondering how you were doing! Are you doing better, minus the gallbladder? I have been there and done that, the old fashioned way and it was no picnic! So glad Mike was able to handle it the way he could :)