cloudsMy daughter is going through a rough period of seizure activity. After bouts like this, she can't walk, can't talk, has a hard time swallowing. The fear rises up in me when I think too much: "What if she doesn't recover this time?" "What if she ends up wheelchair bound?" "We'll have to move into a house that could be wheelchair adapted." "What if I become disabled by old age and can no longer lift her?" "What if my husband pre-deceases me? Will I be able to care for her by myself?"  You know how it goes. All these huge, looming, scary thoughts rush in and I find myself overwhelmed and paralyzed by fear.

But God tells us not to fear. God says to trust Him. God says to focus on what is good and give thanks in all situations. Sometimes that just seems ridiculous and downright impossible. But if I take a deep breath and choose to be thankful and choose to trust Him, the terrifying thoughts roll away like so many ominous storm clouds, to reveal the bright light of love and life and the fresh breeze of hope. We take the next little step together. Transcendence.

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I am so sorry about the increased seizure activity, Mary. I can't even imagine how frightening this is for you.\r\n\r\nThe worries seem to take us away so fast. Before we know it, it feels like the worst has already happened. I love how you manage those worries by bringing yourself back to your faith, your core, your strength. Beautiful!


Zuzu, your words are full of strength and great understanding. Thank you.


My daughter has increased seizure activity during the cold season especially when the temps rise and fall dramatically.\nI discovered 'sacral/crainial massage and we have a dramatic drop in the seizure activity and therefore a dramatic decrease in how many tranquilizers I take. You can you tube it or search for it on Cleveland Clinic site. They offer it at the main campus.\nI found it by Googling Chinese remedy for seizures. Hope this helps you both. Get a massage for yourself too.