cloudscape-384672_640I just read Symbolism In Communication by Chris (@thpurplejacket). He used the word transition in referring to the passing of his partner. The first time I remember hearing the word used in that way was quite a few years ago when a church member stated that her husband, who had  been sick for some time, had "made his transition".  I felt that the word  "transition" really represented what I believe about death and I was inspired to write:


"He has made his transition"

I heard his loved one say

In that confident assurance

That they’d meet again, one day.


He has made his transition

To that happy home abroad.

Now he’s absent from the body,

So he’s present with the Lord.


Jesus made his transition

Resurrected to ascend

Where he waits beside the Father

All our broken hearts to mend.


When we all make our transitions

Where our blessed Lord shall reign

We’ll be with our friends and loved ones.

No more sickness, no more pain.


We will praise his name forever

In that happy home abroad.

When we all make our transitions

To be present with the Lord

By Michelle Andrea Bracken

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Thanks Deborah. I'm sorry about the name mix up almost a year ago. Was your friend helped by the GriefShare.


Beautiful, Michelle!


Thank you Zuzu. That is good to know.

Chris MacLellan

Lovely poem Michelle; thank you for mentioning my post. I am especially comforted by your words, \"no more sickness no more pain\" that is so true when I think of Richard and his life transition. Thanks do much for sharing!


What a beautiful poem - thanks for sharing this!

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