Transportation Craziness


Transportation Craziness

So after calling the local Council on Aging, being bumped over to the Agency on Aging, being bumped over to Find-A-Ride and lastly being bumped over to Good Rides we FINALLY have a set up to get Mom to her Optimist Club meetings on Wednesdays.

Mind you, at each call I explained the situation and Mom's condition. Explained the aphasia and the dementia. By the time we got to the Find-A-Ride people it took two more explanations to convince the woman that no, Mom can NOT call the driver when she's ready to come home because SHE CAN'T TALK!! I confess I pretty much lost on on the woman and about burst into tears -- plus I was at work and I work in retail and am not supposed to have my phone out on the floor -- before I finally was able to get her to understand the situation.

Am going to try to be at Mom's apartment on Wednesday to get her onto the van the first time. You see, I can't transport her any more because I am starting a new job on Monday and will no longer have Wednesdays off. Very worried because she startles so easily now. Unfamiliar person, van, etc. I have asked several Optimist members to please make sure she gets off the van all right and back on it all right. They are on board, they think highly of Mom after all. This is new, and I am a worrier so...

So. New job on Monday. Actually returning to old job. Not in retail. Regular eight to five hours, weekends and holidays off. Not on my feet all day. Better pay. I'm thinking that a regular, set schedule will be better for Mom too. We can have dinner at a set time, set days off to run errands, etc. From what I understand a regular schedule is very helpful for those with dementia. I hope.

Fingers crossed.

Mom in her days as president of our Optimist Club


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excellent idea


I've had jobs where I was on my feet all day and I know that feeling of collapsing at the end of the day. I hope the new-old job makes life easier and more manageable. I really hope all goes well with the transportation and the move!


What a nice picture you posted of your Mom! Gosh, as much as programs are implemented to help with needed services , the bureaucratic process can be quite frustrating. Your Mom is blessed to have a daughter with perseverance and advocating for her!


Cat - So glad you got it worked out! Boy, do I understand the frustrations of making arrangements like that. Is there nobody within the club who could pick her up or take her home? We had 2 different friends taking Hubby to the gym - one person Tuesdays, the other person Fridays. He's no longer going to the gym, but one of those men is now taking him to and from the day care facility so I can still teach from home once a week. RSVP (is there one there?) might also be a good place to contact for help with running errands, but my contacts came through church and one of my bosses. Talk to the minister or an elder or a committee chair about the possibilities for those once-in-a-while needs for transportation. You might be surprised - people often want to help but don't know what to do or what they might be capable of. Driving is a pretty easy way to allow them to be of service.\r\nGlad you posted your mom's photo - I don't remember you looking so much like her, but I sure see it in that pic.


Good morning Cat!\r\n\r\nFirst, congratulations on your job!!! I so hope the routine helps you, too. It can be so hard to adjust to a different schedule. It's hard to feel like you have control of your time when it feels the company controls the time.\r\n\r\nAnd, our system sucks! That it takes that many phone calls and that many explanations is awful! No wonder we worry about our carees! We just can't trust that the system will take care of them because we know that the system is a nightmare.\r\n\r\nI'll keep my fingers and toes crossed. Let us know how your first day at work goes.