natural-839805_640The truth stands right in front of us: The diagnosis, the prognosis, the end of life.

The truth can feel so much bigger than we are, so much scarier than we can manage.

So, we do our best to skirt around the truth. We duck and cover. We drop and crawl. We hide and cower.

We deny.

But our denial makes us even smaller. In denial, we become less than who we are meant to be. Because of denial, we fall over the border and land into bitter.

Our denial keeps us from support and help and better. Our denial keeps us in the pain.

We only get stronger and we only begin to heal when we accept the truth.

In truth, it's our denial we need to fear. With the truth, we release our grief and receive our comfort. With the truth, we make effective decisions because we can weigh the options with an honest perspective. Because of the truth, we create memorable, meaningful, treasured moments.

The truth allows us to continue and find our best.

The truth is that you are strong enough, wise enough and courageous enough for what's in front of you.

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