Thanks so much to all of you who shared your story on Friday during National Caregivers Day. I so enjoyed connecting and sharing with you.

I shared the insights of family caregivers on social media to bring awareness to the stress and challenges of a caregiving experience. The meme, below, received the most comments on our Facebook fan page, Caregiving Support, including the simple one-word comment "Truth."

That one word, truth, reminds me of the six-word stories we wrote years ago about our simple truths. Take a look and add your own simple truth.

In addition to joining our conversation on Facebook, join us every Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET on Twitter for #carechat. Each week, we focus on a specific topic related to our caregiving situations. Anyone who cares or cared for a family member is welcome.

22 CCCAs
On Monday, I'll send out another certificate to a successful graduate of our Certified Caregiving Advocate (CCA) training program. Our CCAs, which currently number 22, commit to bringing a movement to their communities to make the caregiving experience a better one. We'd love to add you to our numbers; you can take the program through our Caregiving Support Program or our CCA training.

Whether or not you become a CCA, please join our Campaign for Care, which mobilizes our individual efforts into a collaborative movement to ensure no family caregiver goes it alone. We'll gather virtually on  the third Wednesday of every month at 1 p.m. ET (Noon CT, 10 a.m. PT) to plan and act.

Family Caregiver 101
If you're a member of our Caregiving Support Program, be sure to check out our new multi-class course called Family Caregiver 101. The course helps you manage after a family member's diagnosis and you begin to provide care. I added our first class (Adjusting to a Family Member's Diagnosis) a few weeks ago; look for the second class, Navigating the Health Care System, this week.

It Can Get Better
I've been collecting your perspectives on what wears you out during a caregiving experience through our Compassion Fatigue Survey. One respondent wrote:

"I’m 2.5 years in as a spousal caregiver for my quadriplegic husband and am in the 'pragmatic caregiver' stage. I don’t feel as many of these as strongly as I used to but I would say during the first 2 years I would’ve checked every box. A huge factor was the cumulative impacts of extreme sleep deprivation, which exacerbated every other thing on the list above. Thank you for asking these questions!"

Please share your experiences in our Compassion Fatigue Survey, which takes less than five minutes. (If you have about 10 minutes, please spend another five minutes telling me about your caregiving stress.)

You also might find our Coping with the Fatigues webinar series helpful. Each webinar, which lasts about 25 minutes, focuses on what might be specifically wearing you out (like bad luck) and offers techniques and tools to heal.

My Lesson This Week
I've been navigating more stress than usual lately. I've been releasing through the Caregiving Comforts I write and by talking it out which helps me create plans. I have found so much support because I'm talking about the worries to others who can understand including one of our Certified Caregiving Consultants. Please remember our CCCs can support you by listening to you and helping you create a helpful plan for what worries you right now. We also can help you create your Family Emergency Plan with one-hour sessions that can accommodate any budget. Our CCCs have a personal caregiving experience which means they get it. When you connect with a CCC, you don't have to defend or explain. You just get to release.

What did you learn this week?

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