Tsouris Can Be Good Sometimes

There's a word in Yiddish called "Tsouris" (pronounced tzoo rhis) which loosely translated means chaos, heartache, turmoil, or upheaval. I kinda feel  like I've been through Tsouris, though now at 11:30 am it seems to be for an upward trend.

This morning my hubby's power chair company called to say that a light repair wouldn't be covered. During the course of the morning after conversations and recollections of warranty info, they called back to say it would be covered in full. (Yeah there's $130 we don't have to pay.)

I spoke with the voucher program that requires the 1099. They understand we are in a precarious situation and are for the moment willing to see what the Congressman's office is going to do with respects to the LTD.

Yes, I did get in touch with the Congressman's office. They are taking my book to the state insurance commissioner with a strong argument of a question of the policy being legal to begin with in the first place. I am so glad I didn't listen to the minions who told me, "Don't chase this...there's nothing you can do." If we pull this off, this will benefit many more then just my family. The other item is that the Congressman's office has been to this site! They saw your stories (see "Have Disabled Spouse...will not Divorce!!!")  and if there are more, please post them there.

Thank you, Denise, for being such a gracious host in all this!

Thanks to you all who just let me cry last night.

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