Turkey with all the Blessings


Turkey with all the Blessings


Thanksgiving with all the trimmings to most means food and all the sides.  What if it could mean something different?  What if the turkey was the focus and the sides were all the laughter, people and events that occurred that gave you wonderful memories to sleep on at night?  This year has been a really rough year for me: job loss, child's diagnosis, hubby's service dog passing and a host of small minded people saying small minded things about my child health or my ability to be an adult.

When Spike's service dog, Pepper, passed away, she was the focus and all the fun, hugs, and funny moments gave us so many wonderful memories.  But she wasn't just "a dog".  She was a worker, and a caregiver.  She helped me in the mornings and at night when wearing a special harness that he could grab onto turn and then I could dress him by myself.  If he was in pain, I was the first told by her or even him sometimes before he would know that it would occur.  Friendly nurses were given love and support, nurses not in that category...were given a very wary eye.  When our 18yr old dalmatian/whippet was passing she spent every moment curled up around her or allowing herself to be used as a pillow for support to ..her last breath.  Then when my child had some awful reactive actions to her PANDAS/PANS, Pepper would go and lay on her till she calmed completely down. She was my aide through everything and my faithful friend to lay my head on when needed. Pepper blessed our home in so many ways...I won't even count.

Blessings are simply that...things to be thankful for.

Then we found "Turkey". He came with character, inquisitiveness, innocence and yes...the innate ability to be therapeutic with my child as well as give me a hug at night.  In fact, all day long he bounces between the two of us...making sure we are both okay.  During the Christmas Chat (which was so much fun and I am so glad I was involved with again this year!!!), he sat on my kitchen chair with me while I typed on the laptop. All at the tender age of 1 year and 6 months.

I still have tears for Pepper both because of who she was herself and because of the connected memories with Spike.  But our "Turkey" comes with many blessings already and we are looking forward to what else he has in store for us.

We are very thankful this year for what we have!

The Roaring Mouse

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RM, your post is special and filled with blessings as you talk about the wonderful animals who have brought joy and function into your home. My sister-in-law had service dogs for years and they were the best of the best. You reminded me that blessings come in all manner of ways. It often seems blessings are personally designed by God for each of us and our individual needs. You are a blessing, Roaring Mouse! Thank you!


Bitter sweet.... Sry about Pepper, Im sure you'll miss him lots . Turkey will bring new blessings to help fill that void. Animals are amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.