Turning Off Ringer


Turning Off Ringer

phone-154615_640Does anyone turn off their phone or turn down the ringer when they need a nap or when their caree is napping?

My husband's son is not too happy when I turn off the phones. I told him there is nothing more important then our sleep when we need it. We nap every afternoon now and I will continue to turn off the phone when we nap. There is nothing that important that can't wait.

I think it's my house my rules!!


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Thank you so much for your reply and support , I don\"t think they appreciate how we feel. \r\nThey also don't understand when you don't feel well you don't feel like talking on the phone especially when before his son gets off the phone he get's on my husband about why he hasn't called any of the grown kids or grand children, he tells him he should call someone everyday until he gets them on the phone I think if they cared they would have been involved in our lives , we have seen very little of his family in the last 16 months only two grown grand children have been to visit a couple times and only one son out of three grown 50 year old children have come to visit . \r\n\r\nThanks again\r\nShirley


Stay your ground Shirley! Your House - Your Rules. Your phone is there for your convenience, not the other way around. That is what voice mail is for. We cannot be the caregivers we need to be when we are sleep deprived and it is our caree and/or ourselves who get hurt (mentally, physically or both) when we are tired. And what about our caree? Rest and sleep are sometimes so difficult to come by. The more you can do to protect that valuable time the better.


I so agree with you!!! Answering machine or text messages are just fine - Your House, Your Rules!!!


I agree with house rules. We have had one for no calls at 9 in the evening. I have unplugged my mom's phone as most people call on my phone anyway.


You go, Girl.

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