#%$*ty Weekend...


#%$*ty Weekend...

thunder-stormWow...so much crap in so little time. This weekend was a complete storm of it.

I lost my phone (or it got stolen - not completely sure which happened, but it is gone) while at my in-laws.  Found out that my mother-in-law (who I love dearly) had endometrial cancer - it was all removed with a hysterectomy they think, but we had to go to a two-hour genetic counseling appointment because it is possibly a genetic defect that our daughters and husbands may carry (my sister-in-law, who is 34 weeks pregnant, and I went to the appointment).

It was a really horrifying appointment because all she did was talk about cancer prevalence in families (which mine is full of) and predictors and early diagnosis and I realized that I haven't had a mammogram yet (was supposed to start at 40 because of family history, but that was the year I got pregnant and then all the heart transplant stuff happened with my daughter and I have no real excuse to not have had it done other than I am horrible...).

In addition, I have been sleeping horribly for the past week or more because of stress of buying a car and figuring out financially how we're going to afford that and still pay all our other bills and catch up on payments for medicines and taxes and other things we have put off for some time in the future. Finally, before and after this fun-filled trip to my in-laws, I spent the days with my mom, who tends to drain me emotionally because she is so negative about everything.

So, basically, I am now just spent. Oh, and I forgot about the part where my mother-in-law didn't tell my husband about her cancer because she "didn't want to worry him" while he is traveling for work. So, now I have to decide how and when to tell him (since I don't think I should wait until he gets home this coming weekend). It sounds like it was all dealt with, but she is having the lymph nodes looked at in a couple of weeks when she is fully recovered from the surgery. But, it still isn't a conversation I'm looking forward to having with him.

Now, I have to go back home and buy a car (sigh) and prepare for a week's vacation we are taking with my in-laws (lots of time to talk about the new situation then I suppose) and clean up my house and yard from the before-leaving chaos that happened. I figured out that I might be slightly tired because I've been without my husband at home for seven weeks now and that isn't easy. Even with some sitters and visits with my mom and my in-laws, it isn't really "time off" for any substantial amount of time. And I am exhausted. I don't know how people with spouses in the military and multiple children do it. It is really exhausting.

But, I have a few goals. First off, set up my new phone with a GPS finder AND a an app that will allow me to wipe it clean if lost or stolen. It really bothers me that someone may have all my contacts info. I did have phone insurance, so a new phone will be waiting for me (I'm out $125 for that though...frustrating).

I also need to change my primary doctor. I think that part of the reason I have not done more with my health care is because I really don't like our current doctor. So, I'm going to get on finding a new one and getting a mammogram scheduled ASAP, as well as an annual exam. Oh, and I need to get a dental appointment for my daughter.

I realize that a lot of this is that after spending so many MONTHS in a hospital and doctor's offices and examination rooms I really hate to do anything I don't have to ABSOLUTELY do. But, to avoid spending anymore time in the hospital and doctor's offices and examination rooms, I need to do some preventative care. So, that is what I'm focused on right now.

Do you all struggle with health care for yourself and others (other than your caree) because you are so burnt out on the health care required of your caree? That is where I feel like I am at right now...

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