frustrationgifHeck ya I'm frustrated. I feel like everything that has been going on lately has been tossed on to my plate to deal with. I'm the one that's been logging hubby's EI reports because he forgets, I'm the one that's been following up with the lawyer via email because 'it's easier that way', I'm the one cleaning the house, cooking supper after working my shift, and cleaning up after the dogs.

I'm short so when I say I've had it up to here, well it doesn't take much I guess. I finally lost my cool yesterday and told hubby that he had to follow up with EI to find out when his payments were going to be and that he had to follow up with the lawyer via phone call now that the 20-day response period had passed and we needed to know what the next step was. I think I scared him, because I came home to a vacuumed house and supper on the bbq.

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Casandra Porter

I hear ya! I love that you expressed to him what you needed and wanted him to do and not only did he do it himself but realized he could pitch in a little extra. We have a rule in the house, I tell him, I don't care what you do as long as it's productive and helps out around the house.


Hi--I like that you said what was bothering you--rather than keeping in and then exploding about something completely unrelated (which I have a tendency to do). \r\n\r\nWhat was for dinner? :)


(((Hugs))), Chris! I hope today has been better!\r\nGood for you for letting off steam, even if it made you scary. :-) Sometimes our carees need to see that explosion, too.