sunrise-77677_640Perhaps you have a favorite uncle, say an Uncle Frank, whom you like to call.

But this uncle isn't about a person, if's about a feeling. And, it's not a feeling you want to call out.


It's when you feel like you must give up. A task, a responsibility, a chore got the best of you. You can't figure it out, you can't get to it, you can't make it work.

Uncle. Because you feel like you can't.

Feeling like you can't is all relative, though.

Maybe you can't right now because you're simply too tired, too hungry, too worried. Perhaps you can't right now because you're in a noisy room or without enough knowledge or need an extra hand to help.

You can later, after a meal, a few moments of quiet, a break from the grind. You can another time when you've found quiet, when you've had a chance to do more research, when another can lend a hand.

Uncle is only a moment in time.

You can any other time.

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