Under Water

Ocean Sunset Ocean Sunset (Photo credit: BluegrassAnnie)

Today is a day I feel under water with caregiving and responsibilities are overwhelming. I'm doubting my ability to care for my parents, second guessing the intent of others, and feel like the waves of life are challenging me to rise up to meet them but I can't quite get there. Does this make sense?

Mom was wandering around the house on Monday because my dad was not here and I was post-acupuncture trying to 'get' her to bed. Dad was scared for her because the phone line was down and her lifeline does not work when the lines are down. Dad has now called the hospital to schedule knee surgery so my emotions are going haywire.

Don't know if I'm cut out to be a caregiver and would love to know I'm not alone (again ). Bless your hearts.  il

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