Untitled Poem


Untitled Poem

Before I let you read the poem that I have written below, it has to be said that I have not in many LONG years written poetry. I do not follow any form or particular skill set in what I have written. I have just written what came to mind and it happened to rhyme, too. Without further ado... My poem.

Untitled Poem by Casandra Porter

beauty-in-the-light The Light by Casandra Porter (2010)

I am learning more about myself everyday

As past failures and fears fade away

Yet with each new dawn a new fear is born

So much confusion in my heart keeps me torn

Between the things I need, want, and desire

My heart is so heavy and burned by a fire

One that rages on in a constant heat

Still I am not ready; it is too soon to admit defeat

Some days I lay here scared of trying

Inside my thoughts I feel that I’m dying

Worried too frequent by the things others say

Not sure if this feeling means I should go or stay

I have so much love in my heart left to give

But the people who take it don’t even acknowledge I live

With this daily struggle I find myself fighting

They just assume the darkness will fade while I’m lighting

A path for others to follow their dreams

I can’t be quite sure what all of this means

That I am working and fighting as hard as I can

Still hoping and praying that one day I can stand

Back on my own two feet without this struggle

Not even sure if there is anything left for me with all I juggle

I’d just love to feel that after I am gone I’ll be missed

My heart has burdened me but I must insist

Giving myself this unwavering task

Is it all too much for one person to ask

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