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Unwelcome Guest

adhesive-tape-159446_640"I wasn't scared," scoffed Mom. "He was a real skinny guy. I could've kicked his butt."

Hmm... Mom was telling me about the interesting afternoon she'd had the day before. Apparently, while Dad was at a Men's Luncheon and Mom was home alone in the apartment, an older man just walked right into their living room and stood there. They usually keep their door open slightly, so it could happen. She asked what he wanted.

The man told her he came by often to do odd jobs for people. Did she have any pets that needed to be walked? No? Did she have a dog? Would she like a dog? He had two dogs for sale. She asked what kind they were. He told her one was a chihuahua and the other was a little white shaggy dog. Like a poodle? she asked. Yes, he answered.

Okay, now I'm getting suspicious. We still have our chihuahuas and they used to have poodles. The possibility of an old person getting mixed up and landing in the wrong room in entirely plausible. The possibility of an old person being confused and offering a strange story is also plausible. The possibility my mom may have been describing something which happened only in her mind is sounding very plausible.

She continued... The man then asked if she had any tape. He had a dollar bill that was torn and he wanted to tape it back together. NO, I DON'T have any tape, she told him. Though to me, she admitted they did have tape, she just wasn't going to give him anything. Finally, she said he could go across the hall and ask the nun (who just moved in) if she had any tape.

"I just wanted him to take his dirty filthy money and get out." She said she felt badly afterward about sending him to the nun. Maybe she shouldn't have done that. Whether the nun had tape, I don't know, but the man apparently showed up in Mom's living room again. He mentioned a wheel on their walker which needed fixing and he could do it for her right then. She got angry at this point and told him her husband would take care of it and he needed to leave. That's when she told me she could kick his butt.

So, what to do with this info? I talked to the aide and told her the story. She will ask the nun if anyone had stopped by her room. She'll talk to all the other aides and nurses to see if anyone saw this man. She did not recognize him as a resident by the description. They will also check the security camera. If no one else saw the visitor, perhaps we have a few challenges with dementia returning.

It's a mystery and the game is afoot!

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Her account of the situation is so vivid.\r\n\r\nDid you learn anything that helps to solve the mystery? I feel like I just read a good book and I'm anxious to get to that last page which solves the mystery. !!


Goldie, I thought the nun living next door was also part of her dementia-stream-of-consciousness! Whoops! My mom insisted there were film makers living next door who were filming children in a swimming pool. Only we lived in a deed-restricted community. No kids, pools or Steven Spielbergs! How challenging it must be to have this \"other\" element of unpredictability with a facility that you can't control! Boy, the nun part was brilliant.