Update :0(


Update :0(

So glad Caregiving.com is here whenever I have time to stop in.

Smokey recently had a pet scan. First the doctor called and said no cancer. Then another doctor looked and said the report doesn't exactly say that. It explains that it could be infection or inflammation or... We are frustration with the time in between tests and how doctors, for whatever reason don't just order tests promptly. What is up with that? Insurance?

The pet scan showed the fracture in the thoracic area, we knew that, showed an 8.7 uptake value in the cervical area, and a 13.7 in the lower intestine area. The radiologist suggested a bone scan, colonoscopy and upper GI next. That was a month ago. I went ahead and made an appointment with the neurosurgeon who did his past back surgeries. We see him today. He really would rather not have him touch him again, but it will be nice to get an opinion on his back issues. I am also stopping by a spine institute while in Charleston whose doctor is widely known for wonderful work. He has already said he would not touch Smokey, doesn't want to go behind someone else's work, but I would love his opinion as well.

His IM doctor has finally said he will schedule the colonoscopy when we see him on the 3rd.

We just wish they would tell us something concrete. Whatever it is! Smokey is getting so depressed. He feels he isn't going to get better, and that he is dying and they are not telling him yet.

Does anyone have experience with pet scans or understand the terms? I did some research and I didn't like what I learned, but I don't know that I comprehended it correctly either.

Also, Mema is still upstate with our friends. They have graciously decided to keep her there a while longer. She is doing wonderful.

Oh, I had a client offer their home to us in NC. They live 30 minutes from Duke. I called them and reached a wonderful young lady that answered all my questions. Maybe we will go there....

Until next time, and hopefully good news,