Update 11/27/14 Thanksgiving Day


Update 11/27/14 Thanksgiving Day

1127141712Wednesday: On waking the temp was 20 F. The high for the day was 26 F. Dialysis today. May questions brought up at dialysis today to be answered by her PCP on Friday.

Thursday: On waking the temp was 7 F with a wind chill of -10 F. The high for the day was 22 F. Regular cares today. Received follow-up call from a nurse about Mom’s discharge that caused even more questions for her PCP.

Friday: On waking the temp was 4 F with a wind chill of -2 F. The high for the day was 35 F. Dialysis, Mom’s PCP hospital follow-up appointment, laundry today. PCP called the vascular surgeon and got us up there as may of the questions that were brought up were beyond her area of expertise. The vascular surgeon nurse practitioner cleared up all the questions as the hospital gave us only half the discharge instructions and also listed her has minimal weight bearing and it was to be weight bearing as tolerated. Many of the things they had us doing were to be only for the first 24 hours then discontinued but they did not give us the instructions. They also did not provide us with the information for the dialysis center needed for knowing how to properly position her as to promote the best circulation possible.

Saturday: On waking the temp was 34 F. The high for the day was 41 F. Regular cares today.

Sunday: On waking the temp was 52 F and falling with rain. By sun down the temp was 47 F with rain and dense fog. Regular cares today. Homemade beef stew and bread today.

Monday: On waking the 36 F and falling with rain falling. By the time we go to dialysis it was changing over to snow. By sundown it was 25 F and by midnight it was 22 F. Dialysis today.

Tuesday: On waking the temp was 19 F. The high for the day was 27 F. Appointment with orthotics for Mom’s finger that was turning black under her finger nail. Turns out that her nail was pulled from the nail bed somehow and it bleed under her nail. We need to keep it covered until the old nail falls off and a new nail grows on.

Wednesday: On waking the temp was 19 F with a wind chill of 11 F. Dialysis today. Notified by the dialysis center that they are changing Mom’s dialysis time effective Monday to 15 minutes later as they are having to redo all patient times because of new procedures required by Medicare. The high for the day was 29 F with a wind chill of 22 F.

Thursday, Thanksgiving day: On waking the temp was 19 F with a wind chill of 4 F and falling. By sundown the temp was 8 F with a wind chill of -7F. Regular cares today plus my friend and two paid clients. My friend’s weekday service would not do his cares due to the holidays so I had to do his care. I also had my other two paid clients as they have medically required cares. For Thanksgiving supper we had a baked turkey, a fried turkey (pictured above), corn casserole, sweet potatoes, two different dressings, mashed potatoes, cranberry salad, carrots, homemade bread, apple pie, pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon frozen yogurt and dinner rolls.

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I had to chuckle when I read that the employees thought that you worked there. I had that experience at one of our hospitals 4 years ago my Grandfather and Aunt passed away 4 months apart and they were both in and out of the hospital. During one their \"visits\" at the hospital I went down to the cafeteria to get something to eat and got the employee discount as the cashier thought I worked there!\r\nMaria


Happy Thanksgiving, Larry!! Your menu looks awesome. :)\r\n\r\nOh, my gosh, how frustrating about the hospital!! Ugh. That is horrible. Thank goodness you are such a skilled advocate and know how to shake out the right information. \r\n\r\nI hope you, your mom and your friend have a good weekend. I hope you have a chance for some R&R and wonderful fellowship on Sunday.