Update 1/15/14


Update 1/15/14

no-checkThursday: On waking, today air temperature was -9 F and wind chill was -23 F.  With having the car down for the first part of the week we had to do some shopping today.

Friday: On waking, today air temperature was 24 F and wind chill was 15 F. We also had dense fog. Chiropractor, dialysis, pharmacy and laundry today.

Pay for taking care of friend not received today! MCO screwed up the authorization sent to the financial administrator. I have talked to the financial administrator and found out what the problem is. I have talked to the social worker at the MCO and she confirmed that the authorization was sent incorrectly but that the correction has to go through their contracting department. The contracting department closes at noon central on Friday and the financial agent did not get back to me until 12:30 PM central or 10:30 AM Pacific where they are located and they are open 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific.

So I have to wait till Monday for the contracting department to open get them to issue the correction. Then I have to wait a day for the new authorization to be transmitted to the financial agent. Then Tuesday I can call the financial agent to verify that they got the corrected authorization and request a review of the pay denial. If the pay is then approved it will be paid with the next pay period.

The next pay period ends 1/15/14 and is due to be paid around 1/25/14. I do not know the date as I did not get a pay check this period to receive the new pay schedule and am not eligible for one until the authorization is corrected. The error they made on the authorization is that they set it to begin in December of 2014 instead of December of 2013.

Saturday: Normal cares today plus we went to see the new building that the hospital we use will be opening on the 19th. It is a very nice facility.

Sunday: Normal cares today. We made beef stew and played Phase 10.

Monday: Dialysis and chiropractor today. Received call from social worker at MCO who told me contracting department had made the correction for pay and had the financial administrator email me the new pay schedule.

Tuesday: I contacted financial administrator to check on the authorization and ask for the review. I was told they would call me tomorrow about the review.

Wednesday: Dialysis today. Received call from financial administrator review approved the pay. Pay will be transmitted the 28th pay for cares provided though the 15th.

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Larry--Reading about the blunder with your paycheck is soooooo aggravating. Oh, my heavens. What an upsetting situation! I hope this is, really and truly, the last setback you have in regard to your pay. \r\n\r\nAnd, BTW, you deserve a raise!!