Update 3/11/15


Update 3/11/15

aaargh_colorOn Wednesday, I had a great time at dinner with the friends.

Thursday was regular cares for me today. Mom sprained her ankle in therapy today. Told it is a minor sprain and that they will not work it on Friday or over the weekend and should be ready for Monday but they will check it at that time.

Friday was dialysis. Found out at dialysis today that Mom’s potassium level is still rising even after they have put her on a low potassium diet. After working with the dialysis dietian and talking to mom they have been feeding her bananas every day and at least two times a day she has had food with high potassium. We also found out that the rehab center changed her supplement that dialysis had ordered without even checking with them and the one they changed her to is high in potassium! We are told the okay to do this was given by the doctor they have following her there but they are either lying or he did not put it in the computer as he is part of the same hospital system that does her dialysis.

I so wish we could get her closer to home so that I could spend more time there and find out what is actually going on and have more hands on of what is happening! I have been told that the likelihood of getting her closer to home is slim to none as the homes have to look at people that need placement from the hospital before they look at transfers. I called the rehab center and talked to the administrator and the head nurse on this and several other small issues that seem to be creeping up and also that we did not have our care meeting that we were scheduled to have. I have given them until Monday to look into it and get back to me before I call the state ombudsman again! I am also told that they will schedule a care meeting for the later part of next week. They did not think we needed a care conference because they feel everything is going alright and that nothing has changed since the last care conference. Mind you that she had extra dialysis since her last care conference because they were pushing fluids, many unreported medication changes came to light and there was action taken by the state ombudsman, diet changes were ordered by dialysis, fluid restrictions were issued by dialysis and she has had three appointments with the surgeon for follow-up on her amputation surgery and he has made changes to her care but yet nothing has changed according to the rehab center! Laundry today.

On Saturday, I went to my my class to upgrade my amateur radio license. The class is going well and the test is set for March 21. Next Saturday is a public service event for communications for the Shamrock Club St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This is public service of the amateur radio club I belong to.

On Sunday I visited Mom at the rehab center. Temp was up to 50 F today! Took some time to take Mom out to sit on the patio at the rehab center.

On Monday the doctor was at dialysis. We're Having problems with the transportation company that is transporting Mom for dialysis. They are getting her to dialysis on time but they are not getting back to pick her up on time. They showed up over one hour after they are to be there to pick her up today and this is not the first time they were late. This gets her back late for lunch as well as her meds. When she is late for lunch all she gets is a cold lunch and they postpone her supper and supper meds so she gets a cold supper as well. Because she is eating she also is late for her therapy. I have called her MCO on this as they are the ones that hire and pay the transportation company. The MCO was also upset about this as they have a contract with them listing the times and also because it is affecting her rehab that effects how long she will be in rehab and thus the cost of rehab. Received call from clinic today and informed that the rehab center has rescheduled several of Mom’s appointments for this week to new times and that they canceled her appointment with her PCP stating it was not needed because they have a doctor following her at the rehab center and changed him to her PCP! I immediately called her MCO as they were to keep all of her appointments and they were to keep her PCP as is. MCO told me to reschedule her PCP appointment and let them know when it was and was going to call the rehab center and tell them they had to take her to it. I was unable to get it rescheduled until the end of March. The MCO was going to work on getting the PCP changed back. Received a call from the social worker at the rehab center about the care conference, she was unable to schedule until Mom’s MCO returned her call to be able to schedule.

On Tuesday, I received a call from the social worker at the rehab center; our conference will be next Tuesday. I have asked that the doctor following her at the rehab center be at the care conference to help straighten things out or be removed from her case! I may still ask to have him removed even if he is there depending on how he handles things! Mom had follow up with surgeon and podiatrist today. The surgeon decided that the incision needs debridement and is scheduled on a day surgery basis on Thursday. The surgeon believes that this has to be done because of the fluid push problems and several problems with the medication that was prescribed when they took her to the wrong hospital. Podiatry went well.

Dialysis today. Set up with dialysis staff who to be able to get on phone if there is anything we need their help on at the care conference. I also have typed up all my notes to this point for the care meeting and have over two full pages of problem notes for the meeting. I have a feeling I am not done yet as Mom is to see the doctor following her at the rehab center today and I am wondering what this will cause to be messed up and changed without proper documentation.

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Larry,\r\n You have been in my thoughts & prayers lately.\r\nSO glad you were able to get out & enjoy yourself! As Denise said if anyone deserves a night out it's you.\r\nIf there's anything I hate more than anything is inept medical care & things that don't get done like they should. Your mom is SOOO lucky to have you as her son and advocate. When I read this it made realize again is that sadly if you don't have a advocate you get left in the shuffle and you do not get the care that you need.\r\nPrayers & Hugs to you!\r\nMaria


I was thinking of your dinner last week, Larry, and hoping you were having a good time. If anyone deserves a night out, it's you.\r\n\r\nOh, gosh, the frustrations you're facing!! I'm not sure why the staff wants to make it all sooooo complicated! It's really upsetting that their actions are impacting your mom's health in such a negative way.\r\n\r\nYou're doing all the right things, Larry. Your care, concern and advocacy for your mom is incredible. I admire you so much.\r\n\r\nThanks for the update--I'm hoping your next one includes good news.