Update 3/19/14


Update 3/19/14

patrick_shamrockFriday: On wakening up the air temperature was 29 F and wind chill was 13 F. Chiropractor, dialysis, and laundry today. I also received a call from Mom’s care manager that a neighbor of my friend is in the hospital and needed some things from her apartment. The neighbor asked if I would take her on as a short-term client as the company that provides her regular cares will not do anything when they are in the hospital. They needed me to get her what she needed from her apartment. I did this. I got her the immediate items they wanted for her and took them up to her. Once they figured out the rest she needs, they will call me and I will bring up the rest of the items.

Saturday: On wakening up the air temperature was 30 F and wind chill was 24 F. Regular cares today. Our old pastor had the Mass at church tonight. Found out our current pastor was released from the hospital Thursday evening but is not able to do Masses this weekend. He will be starting to do things very slowly as he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and pneumonia. Received call this evening with the other items that my temporary client needed and arranged to take them up to her Sunday late morning.

Sunday: On wakening up the air temperature was 13 F and wind chill was -1 F. Normal cares today. I did my normal at church this weekend with our old pastor there I did not have to setup for the last Mass as he could set up for himself. Took extra items up to the hospital to my temp client. We had our St. Patrick’s day celebration today with corned beef and cabbage. We also made the corned beef into a Rubin for those that wanted it.

Monday: On wakening up the air temperature was 21 F and wind chill was 7 F with snow flurries. Dialysis and chiropractor today.

Tuesday: On wakening up the air temperature was 29 F and wind chill was 23 F. After the busy several weeks we slept in today. Then I had house cleaning to do today.

Wednesday: On wakening up the air temperature was 33 F and wind chill was 25 F with light snow and fog. Dialysis today. Got to dialysis today and were informed that Mom has to go into the lab tomorrow morning for a 12-hour fasting blood test (Lipid panel). Mom’s hemoglobin was taken today 11.6 up from 11.4 two weeks ago without any medication. Notified that my temporary short-term client was being moved from the local hospital to a more rural hospital about 25 miles away on what is called a swing bed so I will not have anything to do during the time she is there other than keep an eye on her apartment when we go down to my friend’s.

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Hi Larry! First, I'm so glad connected during yesterday's chat. I'm always grateful when we have time to catch up. \r\n\r\nYou have such a natural way of moving through your week--you manage what happens and continue. I admire that so much. You, in my mind, are the picture of resilience.\r\n\r\nI hope you enjoy the weekend. Thanks for keeping us posted!