Update for All


Update for All

Well I did my traveling and it was fantastic such an experience.

It was very hot in Italy -- 110 -- but such fun.

The country is beautiful but strange customs and so much walking. I walked enough for a year. The food was something else -- all pizza and pasta and in my opinion not great.

Now back to normal and can't believe it's been a year already since Tony passed.

Life is good as can be expected but will never be the same but day to day is what I do. I keep as busy as I can and think of what all of you are doing and pray for you to get through each day.

Well that's about it for me my thoughts and prayers are with you all.






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Good to hear you're back Kaz & had a good trip!

Lillie Fuller

Thank you for checking in Kaz. I'm glad you had a great trip!