Update: Military Matters

I think it was sometime in September when I shared about my frustrations with the medical evaluation board that my husband was going through with the army. I can say with a very loud and excited shout, "We've completed our part!"  Finally! After over two years of pushing through the process! The first week of January we signed paperwork agreeing to the army's and VA's assessment of Jared's condition and how his affects his performance. Overall it was a good assessment and it will hopefully yield a good outcome.

The paperwork has been sent to San Antonio where it will be determined that he is either fit or unfit for duty. We are obviously anticipating unfit. From there the paperwork is sent to Seattle where the VA will rate his disability. We are praying for a favorable rating. Depending on the rating he could be eligible for Tricare for life which would be a lifetime of medical benefits! I am trying not to speculate what the outcome will be but praying that it is just.

In early December we found out that it was approved through the army for me to receive caregiver's compensation due to the amount of care that Jared requires. So now I am paid (although the check really goes to him) to be his caregiver! This will only last until he is officially discharged which we anticipate will be sometime in May. I hear the VA has a similar program and may/may not pursue depending on the outcome of the rating system.

It has been a long journey that will likely not end officially until May. It will be a bittersweet day when he is officially discharged being declared unfit for duty. Jared served for 5.5 years of active duty and 9 years as a reservist and was planning to retire as a soldier. These past two years have been very difficult as we have had to fight each step of the way to get what he is entitled to and we are weary and ready to move on.

I will say I huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders with finalizing all of the paperwork and sending it one. For the first time in two years I can say that all disability paperwork and stuff is complete and the paper chase that I've been doing is finally done. Well, for now. I figure by the time all of the results from this come back it will be about the time that the social security disability office will be ready to re-test Jared to see if he is still disabled! Bleh!

Hanging onto the positives for now.

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